Charcuterie Board 101

Nov. 23, 2021

Equipment: Wooden board for display, cutting board, chef's knife, serving spoons, small bowl

Prep Time: 20 minutes

Cooking Time: 0 minutes


Choose a variety of ingredients from the following 


  • Cheeses: popular examples include brie, goat, fresh mozzarella, 

manchego, etc.

  • Fruits: any fruits of your choice is acceptable, fruits 

that are in season may add more flavor to the board

  • Meats: popular examples include salami or prosciutto

  • Pickled Items: green olives, pickles, etc.

  • Spreads and Condiments: honey or fruit spread

  • Crackers or Toasts: water crackers, baguette, etc.



  1. Before arranging food make sure the board you are using and

utensils are washed and dried completely

  1. Start by arranging your choice of cheeses throughout the board.

For hard cheeses it may be easier to slice for easier serving and 

for softer cheeses like brie cutting a few wedges is recommended

  1. After arranging your cheese add the meats. Fold them in a variety of patterns to add texture to the board

  2. Next add your spreads, condiments or pickled items in a small bowl. Anything that requires a dish to serve goes next in order to gauge your space

  3. Arrange crackers around the board

  4. Lastly add your fruit choices. If using bigger fruits like a pear or orange it is recommended to pre-slice them for easier access.

  5. Fill in any empty spaces with extra ingredients or add nuts of choice

  6. Enjoy your hard work/ creativity and dig in!