Cooking on Campus

A hands on culinary crash course for college students!

Morgan Schmitt

Public Relations, Student Chef

Hi everyone! My name is Morgan Schmitt and I am a senior majoring in nutritional sciences with an emphasis in dietetics. I am originally from Peoria, Arizona. I joined cooking on campus because I wanted to teach students not only how easy it is to cook healthy meals from home, but also educate students on nutrition and how food nourishes your body. With that being said, my favorite part of this program is being able to teach something that I'm passionate about. My hobbies include yoga, hanging out with friends, and watching Gossip Girl. When I'm not studying nutrition or teaching cooking classes, I am dancing with UofA's hip hop dance team called "Black n Blue" where we are able to dance at men's basketball games, women's volleyball games, and various UofA events. In terms of my career goals, I hope to attain my master's in nutrition, complete a dietetic internship, and become an RDN. I would love to work as a pediatric dietitian some day!

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