Cooking on Campus

A hands on culinary crash course for college students!

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Cooking on Campus is back for another exciting series of HANDS-ON cooking classes!  Campus Rec, the Campus Health Service, Culinary Services and the Student Health Advocacy Committee (SHAC) have teamed up to bring you a series of classes to make perfecting that homemade meal easy.  

Cooking on Campus was specifically designed to teach new cooks the basics while inspiring esteemed chefs to do more with food.  We’ll teach you the skills and know-how that you need to choose healthy foods and quickly transform them into delicious meals and snacks.

Register and pay online on the UA Campus Rec Center website or at the Rec Center Main Desk.

Cooking on Campus Hands-On Classes at the Rec Center is $7 per class. Class size is limited to 18 people, so be sure to register early.

Class Line Up: 

Location: Outdoor Adventures Instructional Kitchen-Rec Center

Time: 5:15 PM- 6:30 PM

At the Hands-On Classes, cooking and nutrition advocates team up with nutrition expert Christy Wilson, from Campus Health Service, to inspire you to cook. These classes give you a unique opportunity to build confidence in the kitchen by creating, and tasting, deliciously healthy meals. You'll learn what to shop for on a student budget, develop the cooking skills that you need and get answers to your burning nutrition questions from people who are passionate about great-tasting food!