Cooking on Campus

A hands on culinary crash course for college students!


  •              We had Chef Omo teach our last class on Tuesday and he was the APPLE of our eyes this week! Chef Omo is the executive chef of the Student Union and he came to show the class interesting and inventive things that can be done with a fruit we all know and love. 


  • If you were not in the spirit of Halloween already, after our last class you will be for sure! We made Spooky Specialties on Tuesday that will be a hit at any of the Halloween parties this year.


  • Halloween is coming up and that means making some of your favorite spooky specialties, which just happens to be the theme of our class this week! We will be making three ghoulish goodies that are sure to get you in the spirit!

  • We had an amazing turnout for our Taste of Asia class this week! Thank you to everyone who came out and made it such a successful class.

  • It’s time to pack your bags and take a trip to Asia for our class next week! We will be making Asian inspired dishes, with our own twist.

    First up, we will be making a refreshing Mango Coconut Boba Tea. Made with green tea, fresh mango and coconut almond milk, this will be the perfect cold drink to go with the rest of our meal. The green tea provides antioxidants which help counteract the damaging effects of free radicals in the body.

  • We had a very successful Lunch in a Crunch class on Tuesday, preparing simple and quick food for any busy day!

  • Now that the school year is in full swing, it can be hard to make time to cook a quality meal in between classes or in the morning when you are running out of the door. At our next class we will be preparing a few things that are perfect when you want something nutritious but also super quick!

  • This past Tuesday’s class was our Cookout class where we made a few dishes in honor of Labor Day weekend and the return back to school!

    First, the class prepared lemon and garlic shrimp which were cooked on the grill and served on skewers. These were perfect for the students to eat because no utensils were necessary! Not to mention, they were absolutely delicious.

  • Welcome back to school everyone! There isn’t any better way to celebrate being back with all of your friends than with a cookout. This week we are preparing a couple of cookout classics and one that may be surprising, but will soon become one of your barbeque favorites.

  • It’s the end of the semester and finals are approaching fast! All of that studying can be draining, making it easy to lose focus.  This Tuesday, let Cooking on Campus show you how to Snack to Success with a variety of recipes that are sure to satisfy you and your brain!