Cooking on Campus

A hands on culinary crash course for college students!


  •             As we reach the halfway point in the semester, it is time to take some time to relax, and what better way to do that than with brunch! This week our students will be making a few essentials for everyone’s favorite meal.

  •       In celebration of awards show season, we have prepared healthy and delicious snacks that will make you the winner of the night after making these treats for your friends and family!

  • With the Oscars this week, it is only fitting to have a class featuring delicious movie night munchies! We are making simple and scrumptious snacks that are sure to be the big winners of the night.

  • Last week, our students left our class with three perfect recipes to make for whoever they are spending Valentine’s Day with! We made a healthy pizza, a fresh salad and finished everything off with a strawberry cheesecake treat that will surely become your new favorite dessert.

  • We have reached our final class of the semester and that means we are finally in the holiday season! If you are trying to think of a unique gift for friends and family that will not break the bank, this will be the perfect class for you!


  • After our last class, all of our students are prepared for Thanksgiving!

    We started off by making inside-out apple pies. This is a play on the classic turkey day dessert but the topping is actually stuffed inside of the apple. Using Granny Smith apples as the vessel to hold everything, the filling was composed of oats, brown sugar and raisins among a few other ingredients. This will give you the sweet end to the big meal while also choosing a healthier option.