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A hands on culinary crash course for college students!

Movie Night Munchies Wrap Up

      In celebration of awards show season, we have prepared healthy and delicious snacks that will make you the winner of the night after making these treats for your friends and family!

The kale chips our students prepared were a hit! This treat had the crispy and crunchy texture of a potato chip without the excess fat and calories. These “chips” are seasoned with salt, garlic and olive oil for a simple and delicious snack that you won’t be able to resist. One important tip to know when making these chips at home: Make sure the kale is very dry and massage the oil into the leaves to keep them from steaming in the oven. If the leaves are moist when going into the oven, you’ll get a soggy chip…which isn’t a chip at all!

Next up were the dark chocolate almonds topped with sea salt. Rather than reaching for sugary candy, this is a perfect sweet and salty snack to enjoy during a movie! The sea salt does not overpower these almonds, but enhances the flavor of the dark chocolate. Almonds are a good source of fiber that will keep you feeling full and they also help promote healthy blood sugar levels.

One of our students’ favorite parts of the class was making their own popcorn seasonings. We made garlic parmesan, rosemary garlic and cinnamon brown sugar flavors so the students could decide if they wanted a sweet or salty treat! We made the popcorn in the microwave without using any oil, which makes this a healthy, guilt-free snack that you can eat by the handful!

            Finishing off our class, we made a Strawberry Lemon Basil Soda! Instead of grabbing a soft drink that is loaded with sugar, you can prepare this simple drink. Sparkling water is a wonderful substitute for soda and it’s easy to add any fresh ingredients to it to make your own customized beverage! Lemon is a perfect ingredient to add to any drink because it’s full of vitamin C that can help give your immune system a boost.

            Join us for our next class, “Let’s Brunch!” on Tuesday, March 7th at 5:15 pm in the Outdoor Adventures building of the Rec Center. Hope to see you there!


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